Herbal Fusions
Herbal Fusions
Organic oils, organic herbs and non-GMO Vitamin E
Whats not in it

Nut oils, harmful preservatives or artificial ingredients

Most of these traditional uses have been passed down over centuries and we have found the following sites which will support some of these claims using medical research studies:

- University of Maryland Medical Center



Herbal Massage Blend (components):
- Prostatitis.org


SacredEarth Botanicals® Herbal Infusions
All of our organic herbal infusions have been handcrafted using the cold infusion method. The process is simply taking organically grown herbal material and soaking them in organic sunflower oil. We then let the blend sit for months at a time allowing for the release of the therapeutic constituents to be suspended in the oil. The result is a concentrated extract that will enhance your massage treatment and your client’s massage experience.

Arnica Flower Organic Arnica Oil - Traditionally used for pain, sprains and bruises. Use sparingly by applying directly to affected area or add to your massage lubricant to create an excellent multi-use product for deep tissue, sports massage, or myofascial.
CinfreyOrganic Comfrey Oil - Traditionally used for promoting healing in connective tissue and joints.  Use a few drops on aching fingers, knees, elbows or shoulders to ease discomfort and swelling.  You may also add this to your massage lubricant to create an excellent aid for client’s aching joints.
Organic Calendula Oil - Traditionally used for dry skin rashes and inflammation. Use sparingly by applying directly to affected area or add to your massage lubricant to promote healthy skin.
Organic Herbal Massage Oil Blend - A combination of St. John’s Wort, Comfrey, Rosemary and Calendula oils to add a powerhouse of nature’s healing properties to your massage treatments. Use a small amount to finish a session and leave your clients relaxed, nurtured and balanced.

Herbal Infusion Pricing

Organic Arnica Oil: 2oz $9.95, 8oz $23.95
Organic Comfrey Oil: 2oz $6.95, 8oz $19.95
Organic Calendula Oil: 2oz $7.95, 8oz $18.95
Organic Herbal Massage Oil Blend: 2oz $9.95, 8oz $23.95

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